Live Stream SDK™

Unleash the power of live video broadcasting with Live Stream SDK™


With the Live Stream SDK™, you can add the live video broadcasting feature to your iOS and Android apps. The complexity of the online video encoding and delivery has been hidden under a convenient API. The SDK supports both broadcasting and watching live video broadcasts.

Using the Live Stream SDK™ is free for the time being. However, you need to provide yourself the cloud storage capacity for the video files of your app. The current version of the SDK supports the Amazon S3 file storage only. For further information, check the Live Stream SDK™ license agreement.



You don't have to pay to use the SDK


Available for iPhone and iPad


Available for Android devices

Unlimited scalability

Unlimited scalability using mobile hardware encoding

Cost efficient

Cost efficient video delivery with cloud storage


Flexible and straightforward integration with any UI

Download the Live Stream SDK™ and integrate the location-based live video broadcasting feature to your apps. In order to get a license id for your app, send an email to with a brief description of your app.


900Seconds live streaming app

Live Stream SDK Sample Application


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